Thursday, May 10, 2012

Camp! (PART 3: Time for Work!)

#Bet I'll get bashed for updating Part 3 this late! Even the YTM results were out already!

Okay, take a deep breath...

Despite getting checked into hostels, there was barely time to bathe. For a slow, lenggang-kangkung nerd like me, I bathe hastily. Well in Malay terms, mandi kerbau. Sports activities were coming out soon!

We rushed to congregate at the field for the activity-Bola Gila-Gila. Latecomers were to run around the field ten times. Yes, the field was indeed vast, almost double the size of the school field back at my alma mater.

It was indeed gila (insane)-a handball game with no rules to adhere to. Football, rugby, handball and basketball, this game had them all! A weird and quirky mash-up of games indeed.

the only rule to follow: The ball should not go beyond the field. YOU DON'T SAY?

The Warriors and many other fellow armies prepared for the crazy battle at the field with warm ups. (ABUDEN?) Before they portrayed their courage and render the poor ball the victim by throwing and kicking it around violentkl;y. Laughter and energy was so infectious that the blazing sun felt less burning, and that the camp was infused with a zest!

Of course I did not take part in the game because I know absolutely NOTHING about ball games. Yes, I always end up making my team lose because I'm just not agile enough. I can only dance. Chicken dance. :P  (Imagine a Sumo warrior running around the field! And oh, please don't slap me! Yes I look quite like a sumo warrior. ) Hey, I'm not idle! There are some of my team mates who chose to be the spectators too!

Not taking part in the games did not indicate that we were free. ESSAY! Oh yes, we had to write a resume, our bio-data and everything about the family income. Start: 5.30pm. Time to submit: 8pm. Imagine how hectic it would be to finish these in the form of Essays! Worse, barely after my friends and I have begun penning down our essays, we were ordered to join the game! Yes, the G-Warriors managed to dodge into the FINALS!!

As a "ke-leh-feh" (I don't know how to say "orang sampingan" in English!) I served my role as nothing but an ornament on the field, like a puppet moving along the way. I was glad to say that G-WARRIORS HAD FINALLY SHOWN THEIR HEROIC STUNTS ON THE FIELD!!! We will be victorious...

Well, you do not need me to describe the dinner right? (Don't tell me that you don't know what's dinner like in camps)

Come nightfall, it was the dreaded time to hand in assignments and for group meetings. Clad in a knee-length skirt and a checkered shirt (yes it was formal attire) after scribbling down my essays in an almost illegible handwriting, I rushed straight to the meeting room to wait for our meetings. Most of the participants were squatting or sitting along the corridor, racing against time to get their assignments done. "Weh, macam mana nak buat ni?" "Weh, awak sudah habis ke?" Questions were around. Everyone was in a panic to get stuff done perfectly, ehem, at least comprehensible.

Hell luck! Our group got assigned the "Transformation Room" which was on the fifth floor! We were so diligent that we actually took the stairs all the way up and huffed and puffed by the time we stepped into the room! Ah, the breeze from the powerful air-conditioner in the room was indeed a relief!

It began with self-introduction of the group members, where all pair up with each other and were to introduce about each other to the others. Later it was the project work, in which we were to produce a prototype of anything which could be potentially marketed by the TM company, obviously something related to telecommunication. Ingredients? Green beans, dhall beans, tapioca flour, mahjong paper and Manila card.

Use your wildest imaginations to figure it out!

Being too smart for good, I actually VOLUNTEERED to make glue out of tapioca flour! (Bet it must be easy since it's only tapioca flour and hot water) However I went with two female friends for the job though. WHAT? Making the glue in a small plastic basin? That's insane man!

Hot water plus cold water plus some tapioca flour equals to disaster.

Hot water + A little bit of cold water + A whole load of tapioca flour equals to too thick glue. It's pretty apparent which will be our choice.

Racing back to the room at almost ten at night, I was not at all surprised to see everyone busy at work. Puzzles and prototype. (Sharon you are very cruel!) The boys were so creative that they came up with such an idea: 4G Public Phone. (Sorry no picture)

Can you imagine making a sophisticated prototype with those itsy-bitsy materials? Like, BEANS?

The group was divided into two: One for puzzle, the other for prototype. the boys basically did the job. (Hey, they are really creative and good in drawing and designing! Overachievers, should I say?)

Once again, we were given assignments-I mean, long-winded essays to be finished by the following day! Let's see them:

  • The Most Satisfying Thing I Had Done in My Life
  • An Event in my life which made me Furious the Most

This, is not an Essay though. We Were to write down our Names, IC number, Complete SPM result, family income and ambition.

Mind you, to comp[lete these and the prototypes/puzzles in less than eight hours? It was almost impossible man. Yet, we were warriors right? Warriors should not be cowards; they should strive. Thus, we put in our utmost effort to complete the assignments, some of us even taking naps.

3.15 am, I called it a day. YAWNS!!!

#Sorry for my crappy post! My eyelids were half shut when I was typing this. I'm in Form 6 now, and at the same time I was trying to login the UTM website-in vain unfortunately.

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