Thursday, August 26, 2010

English Oral Test

It was the English Oral test in my school last Tuesday. I was the first to be called on and I was to present on a topic, namely "Homework-The Boons and Bane". I presented my notes with the help of two extra-large mahjong papers packed with flowcharts and pictures, with the help of sticking them from my friends as the papers were enormous.

The response was quite overwhelming and when I asked a question, "Do you like homework?" to begin my presentation, quite a number actually said "YES"! Minority, of course. Not me! When I explained the topics in sequence, I gave some questins to my friends as well. Most of the results are that:
  • They do not like History, Civic Education, Additional Mathematics and Chemistry homework.
  • They find Additional Mathematics and Chemistry comfusing.
  • Counting and reading subjects are not their cup of tea.
  • Without homework, their activities will be sending text messages, Facebook-ing, listening to the music, and hanging out with friends.
  • They admit that homework takes up a lot of time. (I think like that too! I did my homework until 1am almost everyday. I do not write fast.)

At the same time, they relate some of the notes with their friends, such as friends collapsing in class due to exhaustation. Oh my God...

Meanwhile, I shared some of the funny encounters when I do my homework, especially when I am drowsy. Here are just some:
  • I used to write "I want to eat Maggi mee" in my tuition homework. Fortunately, It was in pencil.
  • My writing is shaped like waves.
  • I wrote scientific terms in my Account Principles book. (I am taking Account Principles as my extra subject.)
  • I even wrote words like "sneezy", "Lady Gaga" and "Paparazzi"(my favourite song) in my Chinese Essay book last Tuesday. They startled me when I was awake again. (This made my friends laughed loud, especially Cynthia-almost fell down! I don't know why-it is common among night owls like me, I guess.)

I got 28/30 for that. To me, it is just alright...

Yet, once again I stress that this is quite a REVOLUTIONARY method for English Oral Test, thanks to Puan Sharifah. I HATE MESMERIZING STORIES foe an English Oral Test-I love to do everything impromtu. (hehe... I don't know if my spelling is correct...please leave a comment if there is any spelling mistake, thanks)

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