Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Test 2 results (complete version)

Finally I got my complete Test 2 results! Do not laugh too much or you will get a ... (hehe... guess this word: s??????ache) because my results are quite BAD this time... (for me of course, please give a FEEDBACK!!! Arigato~)

I will start from the lowest.

Sejarah 66 B
Additional Mathematics 71 B+
Physics 74 B+
Chemistry 75 A-
Chinese Language 75 A-
Moral Education 83 A
Modern Mathematics 90 A+
Malay Language 91 A+
Civic Education 93 A+
Biology 94 A+
English Language 95 A+

I know that majority of my subjects have A+ but my average marks is only around 82.4% (Note the subjects above, I experienced a decline in the no-A subjects, Chinese Language and Modern Mathematics. Chinese Language is the WORST! 10 MARKS DOWN! Sejarah 9 MARKS! Physics 6 MARKS! Aaarrrggghhh!!! My Physics is constantly declining from 85 to 80 and then to 74. It is merely 1 more mark to an A- this time!

Yet I am quite satisfied for the last 4 subjects (except for Civic is not an SPM subject) I managed to get an A+ AT LAST for my Malay Language! I want to maintain it! Here I will share a little secret... This is not the actual examination format as my teacher will not give high marks at one go. I think she wants us to strive for the better. My Biology-INCREASE OF 11 MARKS! Of course-1 chapter only. At the same time, I managed to maintain my English Language at A+. I want it FOREVER AND FOREVER!

Now is the post-test programme...

Declined subjects: Here is my mom's plan and it is not at all easy, but I believe that I can do it if I am determined for it. She wants me to do Additional Mathematics and History revision daily. At the same time, Physics must be done as frequent as possible. I know that I was doomed by MOUNTAINS OF HOMEWORK DAILY until I went to school with bloodshot eyes, yet I must try to steal some time out.

Increased subjects: READ AND READ. I got some English novels from my grandaunt which are considerably old-one of them is even published in 1938! 56 years older than me man! I have 8 of them, and I know that reading them will take a long time. The language styles in the books had startled me-even the first page is tough enough to understand, with all the flowery languages used. Yet, according to my grandaunt, those books given to me are the easiest in her collection. I cannot imagine my grandaunt's language ability now...

(Note the words from the first page in one of the books: "The Robe" by Lloyd C. Douglas, dated 1942: alcove, wrought, bedchamber, peristyle, tesselated)

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