Sunday, August 1, 2010

Legend of White Steel Pagoda

Sorry for typing this so late... But I will tell you about the story of the White Steel Pagoda in Hadyai, Thailand here, which was built at around the year 2006.

There was a wealthy man who owned five hardware shops and many lorries. His business was flourishing but it soon went to a downfall in a house development project. There was no response from the clients and thus he bankrupted. He became a beggar.

His wife had became extremely thin due to breast cancer at the same time and was waiting at Death's door. He was in a sad state of desperation.

One day, he was sleeping when a white snake crawled over him. According to the snake, he was sinful in his previous life. To prove it, he had to go to a mountain, and then ignite two candles and nine incense sticks under the blazing hot sun. If the incense sticks burn completely, then he was innocent. There were raging storms and heavy downpour when the incense sticks were ignited. Of course, they cannot burn completely, thus proving that he was sinful in the past. He was then given three wishes and hoped for good family health, prosperous business and to build a stainless steel pagoda if his wishes were granted.

One day, the man saw a feeble old woman by the road. He helped her and was given 100 Baht (approximately RM10), but he rejected her offer. After various times that he turned down the woman's offer, she gave him eighteen lotteries. All of them won the next day and the man became rolling in money once again. He wihed to thank the old woman, but alas, she was never seen again.

To thank God's kindness, he built a white steel pagoda with golden floor on a hilltop, which was undeniably costly. That explains the reason that we had to remove our shoes when we worship there.

Well, friends, a good turn deserves another. If you do not believe me, try going there-you can see many photographs about this event in a golden building there. Yet I wonder if those pictures were still there now...

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