Sunday, August 22, 2010

Howl... till your hair stand on end

Not very scary actually, but this happened at around half-past one today. I was doing my Chemistry homework when I heard a creepy, loud howling sound from the window near the computer.


What? I almost jumped out of my skin. I thought my sister was crying. Impossible. I knew that she will not drop her tears easily. Yet, I questioned her.

"Ah Bi, why did you cry?" (Ah Bi is the way I used to called my sister as she is younger than me.)

"Jie jie, why did you cry?" my sis replied. Whoa, she gave me the same question! I was not crying-I was just totally engrossed with my Chemistry homework which was due tommorrow.

Later my mom walked in and we enquired about the matter. "I don't know, I heard it too!" she replied. Both of you better be careful as this is the seventh lunar month!" (Hungry Ghosts' Festival is on this month, which explains the reasons that we Chinese are quite careful during this time. Ceh~)

Later, she waited. She sounded, reciting something...

"Namo Amitabha..."


  1. maybe just the wind nia...==

  2. Haha... I hope it is the wind too!^^
    But...may I know who are you?!!