Thursday, August 19, 2010

Extreme My Exam

Form Four students, I am sure that you know what "extreme value" is! (especially for those learning Additional Mathematics) It happened on my exam as well and I am not crazy-it s the truth.

Extreme Value #1: Speedy Gonzales
Oh my GOD! I fnished almost all my papers an hour before the designated time! I do not know why-maybe it is because both hands were used in answering the questions (left hand for rounding answers, right hand for writing). Of course, being too speedy, I made TONS of mistakes as well, especially in Additional Mathematics (of course, it is difficult as well...)... STUPID ME!!! WHY AM I SO CARELESS THAT THE CHARACTER KILLED ME IN MY EXAMS???!!!

Extreme Value #2: Exam Results!
Of course, some of the papers are still in the marking... Yet I will reveal some of my resulis here, from the lowest to the highest.
  • History: 65 (marks subject to change as I let Encik Baderol check my paper again.)
  • Additional Mathematics: 71
  • Chemistry: 75
  • Chinese Language: 75
  • Modern Mathematics: 90
  • Biology: 90 (Puan Norkamaliah is going to change some answers and mine's got some problems too, marks may change as well.)
  • Civic Education: 93
  • English Language: 95 (Oh my God, I never even thought of getting such marks in my life! My friend, Sarasvaathey was shocked as well as she got 94. Her quote: "Is this my results? This is my FIRST A+ ever!") I am equally happy of her performance as well. Congratulations, Saras!!!

Note the difference between the lowest and the highest value. Quite a large gap, right? This gap is enough to pull my average marks... DOWN.

Yet, I had to WAIT patiently for the other results (Malay Language especially... and the teacher mentioned that I can only take the results NEXT WEEK!) Oh my God, I cannot wait the results for Malay Language any longer... Yet I can wait for Moral Education and Physics... Maybe my results for those subjects are just satisfactory.

Anyway, friends, good luck for your examinations, especially to Form Five students who are sitting for their trial SPM. NEVER BE TOO PROUD if you succeed and NEVER GIVE UP if vice versa. I believe that you can do the BEST!!!

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