Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sepcial Merdeka TV Programme

Another benefit of celebrating National Day: Public Holiday! Now I can use this time to study and have a little story with you.

I woke up quite early today to "chop" my mountain of homework. What else? History, of course! It was a considerable amount of notes to be done until I missed half of the drama. I started my day with my History homework, then I feel so bored that I snacked on some mooncake. Later...


My History Homework is done! It was around 8am. I went to watch the Merdeka show aired by TV3 and it was special-no processions and monotonous parades. That was due to the Ramadan month, where the Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

Friends, just to ask you a question: Can you imagine marching under the hot sun without a drop of water?

That explains the procession which was in the Bukit Jalil Stadium next year. Themed "Satu Malaysia Menjana Transformasi", the event was oh-so-awesome. I missed the first three segments due to the homework. Aaarrrggghhh!!!

The first scene I saw was a musical performance and the volunteers shaking colourful, flashing cards as neon lights and logos. I knew the process was not easy. The forth segment, which was the group dancing by 600 people, was great! The movements may look delightfully simple but the various formations were tough enough. Just imagine-changing from flower to logo and whatsoever-in merely 20 seconds, I think.

Shortly after that, the soldiers (if I am not mistaken) came with enormous pieces of white cloth holded neaty side by side as though it was merely a piece of it. Laser lights displayed colourful images and patterns on the cloth, displaying the glory of Malaysia. Later, it was their performance with all the millitary acts-with the volunteers forming slogans (I forgot the slogans-sorry). Oh my God! All of them had spun into fast and furious millitary action! At least 100 soldiers perform that simultaneously.

After the soldiers displayed their outstanding talents, it was the TTS (Tempur Tanpa Senjata, i.e. Battle Withous Weapon) team who awe the audiences with "silat" together with some gymnastics elements. It was real and looked like if their teammates were in the danger of being stabbed anytime. I cannot imagine the feeling if I was at the actual venue-watching it on screen is stumming enough for me.

Later, it was the band performance and silent marching from the Malaysian Navy Forces. The band played music well! The silent marching-as it sounded-look difficult enough. The team marched neatly and with many patterns as well, showing great cooperation among the team members.

After that, it was the performance of people donned in colourful traditional outfit-cheongsan, baju kurung, saree... They swayed their flags in pride while singing patriotic songs, such as "Jalur Gemilang", "Malaysiaku Gemilang", "Satu Malaysia"(if I am not mistaken). Once again, the rhythm and synchronization of the moves were near to perfect.

In the spirit of One Malaysia, let we, the Malaysians CHEER-for her 53rd Birthday!

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