Friday, August 27, 2010

Teenage Years

The modern teenager's life is so cool
It's real, it's full of variety

The modern teenagers life is an evolution
From a larvae to a cocoon
The modern teenager's live is fun
But may be complicated, too.

The modern teenager's life is mainly in school
Studying, homework and activities shape their life
School is a part and parcel
Of their teenage years

Sometimes it may haunt their lives
Because they had to work till the still of the night
Or they had to race for time
Until they eventually returned...with fright of their life

When they had their leisure time
All they did is play with their heart
Facebooking, SMS, shopping and more
Not to forget sports and games.

"Do you wear lip glosses? Do you wear mascara?
Do you have the latest platforms and jeans?
Do you have your Prince Charming?"
Teenage girls will say

And for young guys,
"Do you have the most powerful motorbike?
What is your latest gadget?"

Yet many will greet you like this:
"Hey pal, do you know what happened to Miley Cyrus?
I love Kesha's new song, she's hot!"
And the list goes on.

Friends are a must during teenage years
School for them? Oh my God!
While some others will like it,
Others will feel like been thrown into the 18th level of Hell.

While some may like in glam,
Others were to their path of destruction
Drugs, beer, gambling and more
The male may flirt, the female horsing around

Teenage years are precious and glamourous
Yet some of us misused these golden years
Teenage years are the time to build our souls
Before walking into a brighter adult world!

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