Friday, August 13, 2010

Monthly Exam

Yeah... The second monthly exam is finally OVER...!!! I will tell you about it here...

The exam preparations were not good enough, in my case. Worse of all, everything is almost a LAST-MINUTE JOB! Then, it was a bad beginning for the exam. The first day starts with one of my favourites-Bahasa Malaysia-and the other one-History-which I LOATHE VERY MUCH! My goodness, why we had to study History? It is my Achilles' heel! Please tell me why study History and how to read it... T.T Yet, Bahasa Melayu is fine and I want an A+ for it this time!

Then comes the English, Add Maths, Biology... and all the stuff. My Add Math? K.O. already because for your knowledge (This is my last time telling this), I am bad in Maths. The other subjescts are just alright... English is such a blessing. As for Biology, only questions on Chapter 5 (Cell Division) came out! Aaaarrrggghhh!!! Wasting my stupid time reading the other topics... :(

Today was the Physics and Moral Education. The Physics questions may seem easy but it is a real challenge! Moral Education test is not really good... I just simply answered some of them especially Question 6.

What a bitter lesson to learn. I really should not burn the midnight oil next time... Anyway I have my goal... not very high... And it is a secret... Only Sharon Ng Huey Yuek and her family knows.

To friends from TMGS, I hope you will pass your exams in flying colours, and Good Luck to those currently facing or have not facing theirs. GAMBATEH!!!

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