Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy 45!

Chapter 1: Started my life journey as a gift of love to my parents. Developed and kicked at ma's uterus for 9 months and finally got the golden ticket to witness the beauty of the world-no, but the filthy labour ward equipped with sophisticated and shiny tools for surgery, with stale air floating in the atmosphere. It was 23 September 1994.

Sharon's Birthday and Madam Ooi CK's day of suffering due to a Caesarean section.

Chapter 2: Grew up as a chubby but not-really-healthy baby. Spent my time at home watching Kid-Songs and English cartoons at midnight. Squealing my mom's guts out whenever hearing to the giant blender roaring in pain. Began to speak only at age five, and almost got blind for an unknown reason when I was a preschooler.

Sharon's not-so-carefree, and worse, troublesome childhood! Sharon was no ordinary child; she was so naughty and unhealthy that she often gave her mother goosebumps and made Madam Ooi's otherwise smooth face wrinkled.

Chapter 3: Stepped into the gates of SJK (C) Hua Lian 1, Taiping for her very first time back in January 2001. Leaving her mother was no easy feat. She's got bullied, has shed pools of tears during her years as an obese kid who had yearned for junkfood and hated sports classes. She had nevertheless successfully got along well with some of her comrades, and that was a foundation towards her adolescence. Topping her class and taking part actively in inter-school competition has graced her life in primary school.

Well, this won't be if it wasn't for Madam Ooi who stay put with my mischievous behaviour... again.

Chapter 4: From an obese nerd to a chatty teenager, Sharon was yet to fidget out the best of her life. Under her mama's undying patients and dedication into becoming her guiding light, Sharon has finally managed to clear her path of life out from the thick fog and thorns that lie ahead. Sharon would have been a hardcore gamer who dilly-dallies her day, if not for the never-ending nags from Madam Ooi too. 

Scoring Straight A's in her SPM was the perfect ending to Chapter Four. Now, she is moving on to Chapter 5-Tertiary Education and adulthood. 

So wondering who is this mysterious wonder woman, Madam Ooi CK?

Well, she's my mother.

Thank you ma, for guiding me through this foggy path of life!

Thank you ma, for your scrumptious dishes!

Thank you ma, for your undying and persevering attitude to bring me up since I was in your tummy.

Thank you ma, for staying steadfast and put despite my irritating attitude at times!

Thank you ma, thank you for........

Obviously, LOTS OF THEM!

Coincidentally, Lady Gaga's birthday fell on March 28 too! Ha ha! Please allow this super-irritating daughter to dedicate some songs from her yea......

Happy gorgeous forty-five, mummy! (sorry for lack of gifts as usual ==)

P/S: It was a scholarship frenzy this morning and a drive-o-mania for the rest of the day. Thus, sorry for the lack of words as exhaustion had overpowered me! I will include a Chinese translation for this post later, maybe tomorrow. And a poem for my mother. And oh, did I forget my supposedly posted sequel for yesterday's post?


  1. Show this post to your mum ok? That's the best birthday present for her this year :) happy belated birthday aunty!!! :D