Monday, March 19, 2012

Weird Family Reunite!

Bye bye high school, hello, concealed future!

It was the WEIRD FAMILY REUNION yesterday!

So, you must be wondering right now who the heck is the Weird Family. Well, similar to its name, this family is indeed weird. No daddy, no mummy, but rather it is made up of thirty-three rambunctious, mischievous and hyperactive yet bright young ladies (Is it too old to call seventeen-year-olds as "ladies"?; and led by a bubbly Chemistry teacher, Miss Ng who is ready to set the Chemistry laboratory on fire and ever-oh-so-passionate to odd chemical reactions all the time! (Just kidding!)

Yes, The Weird Family is the pseudonym-or should I say, alter ego, of my class-501 of 2011. After three months, here we are together again! Some of our sisters may not be here, but the beautiful memories of 501 will always be etched in our minds. Last year of school!

Do you remember the days which we fired our frustrated teachers with lots of questions?

Do you remember the insanity prior to the debate competition?

The Physical Education classes in which we played ball games while squealing out loud and screaming like nobody else!

Screaming gaily as the school bell rang-it's time home!

Jumping out of our seats and cheer during the last day of SPM!

What else? (Actually, there were too much of undefined memories.)

After three months riding the roller coaster of life as young adults-to-be, we've finally met up again yesterday in A&W. Cynthia back from a leadership camp, Anis and Atilia from mama's kitchen, Song who had since grown from a nerdy geek to a sprightly lady, Vee Wen who is now dubbed as the Maxis-girl, Fatin still with her voice and behaviour like Doraemon, Puteri now almost as gorgeous as Beyonce, me enjoying the art of doing nothing but crap...

Everyone has a different side of story, but still, nothing beats friendship! :D

The "sisters" which were present: (Okay, no full name)

  • Atilia (a.k.a. BIG MAMA)
  • Jia Yi (The athlete)
  • Fatin
  • Puteri (Hairy Puter; the diva of the class)
  • Cynthia (a.k.a. Drama Queen)
  • Durgainy
  • Song
  • Vee Wen (a.k.a. Chin Geli... XD)
  • Anis (a.k.a. Kentut)
  • Mei Zhen (a.k.a. Supermodel)
  • Si Ying (a.k.a. Tarzan)
  • Yuwen
  • Huey Wen
  • Shamalaa (pro in cheerleading)
  • Vitthiyes
  • Thavani
  • Aisyah
  • Amirah (a.k.a. Ceti Halal)

Not forgetting me! (a.k.a. Sharon Stone) If only I am as popular as the bona fide Sharon Stone herself...!!! Obviously, no way. She's an actress! I am a total flip-flop when it comes to acting. XD

Nerdies... (Picture courtesy of Fatin)


Hope our friendship will last till the world ends...

And to all my friends, may we pass the SPM in flying colours! I know that you are all really tensed out there (Me too!) I will share a humourous picture which I got on Facebook, just for fun. Trust me, it will make you laugh continuously from ear to ear!

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  1. Sharon enjoying the art of observing and writing down her memories in a beautiful blog :)