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Pass! ♥

19 March 2011 (Super-late update ==''')

The driving examinations again! Aaarrggghhh!!! That was my second attempt in Bahagian III (Road). I must pass this time!

During the boring one month after the silly flip-flop in my driving examination, I spent my evenings practising driving around my neighbourhood, under the stern eye of my dad. My dad kept asking me to speed up until when the meter hit 70km/h, he has still words of complaints.

I know I do not draw well LOL. Anyway, my dad often chided me for driving at  the wrong speed at the wrong places. 

Two days prior to the driving examination, my driving instructor, who is frail and skinny yet hale and hearty  came and gave me a last lesson on driving-on the road. I was trembling like jelly as soon as I reached the steering and gear. Will I run into any vehicle this time? Once bitten, twice shy! Well said indeed. Without much gut, the rickety vehicle began shaking-yes, I mean SHAKING and VIBRATING along the road, with the wrong gear at the wrong speed at the most inappropriate location ever imaginable. Uncle shook his head in dismay. 

I hesitated for a moment: Can I drive, after all?

It was the 19th of March. Alas, I arrived late at 7.30am! I went there to retake "Bahagian 3" which is for Driving. With a thumping heart and bated breath, I kept praying that I would eventually pass the driving examination, after all. Song, my bubbly former classmate, was with me on that day. It was her very first time taking the driving examination. If not for her to chat with, I would have returned to slumber. The day was burning hot and sweat kept trickling down my forehead. Waiting for the arrival of the JPJ officers was no easy feat! 

9.00am! Every single candidate were startled. It was the JPJ vehicle, and there came six smartly-dressed officers, stepping down the van with loud clicks on their feet. (Imagine hooligans in the Mafia movies!) I was terrified when the JPJ officer in sunglasses came into my view. What? Not him again! He was the officer responsible for failing me during the last session (and it was my fault, too. ) Should I am destined to be under him again, I would certainly be dead meat! 

Fortunately, it wasn't him. It was a SHE.

A petite, soft-spoken female JPJ officer! Oh yes! Female JPJ officers were known to be less rigid. I sighed in relief!

Thus, when my turn had finally arrived after somewhat like eternity, the rigmarole came-checking the windows, lamps and all. Thus, when I started the vehicle and went down the slope...

YES! I had successfully guided it down the slope! It did not went to the other side of the road again! Of course, that was Road F, which was the route along the Taiping Lakegarden. The journey went smoothly until a smelly moment. I went to fast for good that I ended up tailing a lorry filled of stinky rubbish! Yurghs~

I was fortunate for the fact that the air-conditioner was turned on, otherwise I would have to endure the unbearable stench of RUBBISH. The lorry was huge but slow, and obviously I did not want to run into it for goodness sake. My life and licence! Thus I went driving with the slowest speed I had reached in my life-5km/h. I did not overtook it at the first place for fear of being stopped and failed. Thank goodness, the lorry driver signalled me to overtake him! Bye-bye stench! Hello speed!

Rat-tat-tat-tat, went the little Kancil back towards the driving institute, and I must consider myself fortunate for not going backwards down the slope while returning to the centre! (Yes, the institute is built up on a hillslope) I looked into the by-then pale tester, and thank God, it was 17/20!

I PASSED AT LAST! Bye-bye Sepakat!

Still fidgeting how to drive well, and yet to speed up, I am now my sister's driver to tuition classes, under the stern, merciless eyes of my dad's of course. Now on a red licence with a prettier picture (Yes, I looked even UGLIER than a monkey in my Learner's License), I  am still fumbling the right ways to drive well.

Hopefully, I can eventually drive to travel-at least from Hatyai to Singapore!!!

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