Wednesday, March 21, 2012

长久的SPM...... SPM a long time ago.

The verdict was announced. No, it was no King's verdict. It was the long-awaited SPM results!!!

10 am was the moment of happiness, the moment of misery, the moment of heartwarming moments, the moment where everything shrinks into a ball of confusion. After some brief chat with my friends, we raced straight towards Block Knight to pick up our results. It was not even a dollop of tension surrounding the otherwise serene and calm school atmosphere. Merrymaking and hullabaloo whisked around in the air at TMGS. The class teachers and some students were extremely busy, hands on, while delivering away piles of certificates, SPM result slips and guides for tertiary education.



早上十点是悲喜交集的一刻。和久违的朋友闲聊一下后,我们就匆匆忙忙地跑到Block Knight领取成绩单。可爱莘莘学子的欢笑声划破了宁静、悠闲的校园环境。可怜的高中二教师们忙着分派一叠叠的文凭、SPM成绩册、高等教育指南等简直忙得不可开交。

Obviously chaotic.
Despite that, we the ex-students were shaking in fear, heart thumping in agony and legs shaking like jelly. Tears of happiness or tears of misery? Good results or "GAGAL"? None of us could predict or change our results, that was the matter! The scorching sun was blazing its fumes of fury, leaving me perspiring like a pig.

“砰!砰!”我们,哪有一个是不紧张的呢?个个内心忐忑不安,双脚发软。洒出的泪水,代表欢乐,还是悲哀? 实话实说,要是齐天大圣孙悟空在场就好咯,就能给我们漂亮、完美无暇、百分百A+成绩,哈哈!艳阳高照,天气异常酷热,害我汗流浃背。

I was watching my allies, one by one, signing certificates and taking home the result slips. Some walked out from the shade, with broad and bright smiles etched on their faces; the others just raced home at the speed of lightning upon obtaining their results and said no more.


My head was stuck somewhere in the clouds when my friend pulled me back to reality. Gosh, what a queue in front of Miss Ng's desk! Without any hesitation, I headed straight to the desk, almost crumbling down thanks to the immense fear. My CHINESE!!! Oh my gosh! Most of the candidates taking the subject had their result slip marred by the "B" or "C" in the subject, thanks to the ridiculously high result scale set on that subject.


With my right hand scribbling signatures hastily, the ever oh-so-cheerful Miss Ng handed me my result slip and my academic folder.


Tadaa! Here are my results!


Result slip... but I'm not really satisfied. XP
I was stunned with astonishment. What? This... was my result? An A+ in Chinese? Unbelievable! I was expecting an A- for that subject since I did not comprehend that subject quite well. A+ in Chinese? I was among the minority with that grade in the nation! Three Yays for me!!! Ha ha! Perfect. A+ for all of my language subjects. Account as well, since I am not a pure Account student. Tee hee~!!! Not forgetting, my History! (Which was often and always a bone of contention between my parents and me)



WAIT! There was a catch! Look at my Physics which SUCKS!!! Physics especially. A-... when I was used to get no less than 80 marks in that subject in school. OH MY GOSH!!! Should I re-appeal to the Examination board again? Should I? As for Biology, Well, I had expected A or A-. I am a bard when it comes to memorizing facts. If not otherwise for these, I would have got straight A+ses instead of merely straight A's, and that I would have been in Kuala Lumpur, receiving big bucks from the Education Minister. DAMN!!! (Greedy, right? Ha ha!)

等等!我的物理和生物科!我的物理平时都不会少过80分的叻,这会我怎么这么不幸运地拿到A-?要投诉考试局吗?我早已预料到我的生物拿到A,因为我的头脑容量(memory space)太小,哈哈哈!要不是因为这两科拖我下水,我早已在吉隆坡,向教长领奖金了!(我贪得无厌,对不对?)

The straight A-scorers.
Anyway, I am quite happy with my results.


Coming up: How do I score, Acknowledgement.

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