Wednesday, August 19, 2009

惊。喜 A Gift of Joy...and SCARE!!!

PMR Trial results are out now...but not all yet for my class! Please don't think that I am SS if you read the next few lines for this post...
  • I got the Malay Language Paper 1 results today. Got 34/40. But I somehow cannot know the Paper 2 results as my teacher was previously at a ceremony in Kuala Lumpur! I even quarreled with the teacher over some questions with odd answers!:P
  • I had the English Language paper as well. What?!! I got 94! Too good to be true as I used to get 86...
  • My Chinese Language marks is 90. Can't believe my ears...used to be at the "A" borderline...
  • My Mathematics marks is 96...Still same as that during the mid-year examinations...
  • Same goes to my Science, but it is 92.
  • My Geography is 92. Increased by 10 marks!
  • My History has only a slight increase compared to that in mid-year examinations, which was 82 then. Only three marks increase...when teacher hoped for 90...
  • But I am worried for my Living Skills paper! 9 students from my class got "A" for it, but an I one of the lucky ones? I am scared since the horrifying drop in marks from 95 to 78...GOD HELP ME!!!
  • 国文:试卷一-34/40。试卷二:尚未出炉。不过有些答案奇怪得很,我更和老师争执。XP
  • 英文:94分。我向来只获得86分,简直不敢相信我的眼睛!不过一定要保持哦。。。
  • 华文:90分。以前只获得80出头,太高兴了!
  • 数学:96分。还不是跟年中考的一样?!!
  • 科学:92分。跟年中考没两样嘛。。。
  • 地理:92分。上升了10分!
  • 历史:85分。较上回考试多了三分。可是,为何总不能达到老师90分的要求呢?
  • 生活技能:还未公布。能拿全“A”与否,就靠它了。上回从95分跌至78分,还心有余悸呢。。。老师说有九人拿“A”,但愿其中一个幸运儿是我!

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