Saturday, August 8, 2009

See Eye to Eye

We are the same-
We have two eyes.
But what distinguishes us is that
What do we see?

Look at the picturesque
The green hills, the running stream
And pretty flowers everywhere.

Look at yourself, what do you feel today?
What will happen today?
And the main subject is-
What had you did in this wonderful day?

And look at everyone around you
Begin with your parents
are they happy, are they sad?
Are they gay, are they mad?

Now is the turn of your siblings
Do they have fun with you
Or just ignore you?

And here comes your friends
Did they turn their backs to you
Or start off with a "Hello" to you?

Now look at anything that you learnt today
View your mind, calm your soul
What did the teachers, friends, or parents
Teach you today?

Turn your History book
And look at your past.
You may be better, or maybe the opposite.
Look at the future,
Whom will you be?

Treasure our eyes
It is the window to our mind and soul
And the gateway to a better you.

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