Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Ray of Hope

If you see yourself in the infinite darkness...
If you see yourself locked up in the black...
Open your eyes, look at the window,
and look at the sunshine.

If you see the wonders out there
Green meadows and blue skies you'll stare
And you look it, pretty and rare

The ray of hope is around you
No matter rain or sunshine,
The ray of hope is always with you,
Even in the storms or oceans,

If you possess determination,
And courage, never give up
The ray is guiding through your lives
Forever, and ever

The ray of hope will never leave you,
No matter in any season
It will be your guardian angel
To a brighter future

You will only have to tolerate
No matter any luck, any fate
And you will see a ray of sunshine
In you, following you.

1 comment:

  1. a ray of hope..
    nice poem..
    it may brightens up someone's life..
    keep up the good work ^^