Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Family Story

Today I will tell about my family story. My family has four members: Daddy, Mummy, sister and me.

These are my parents. My father is a contractor and builds wonderful houses (Like my house, ceh...). Besides, he is always busy because he has to renovate his clients' houses. Despitye his business in work, he is always happy. He is a great joker and makes us laugh out anytime. Besides, he loves knowledge and keeps himself updated with news. However, avoid making him angry or everything will damage-he loves peace.

Next comes my mother. She is a skillful housewife. Her magical hands produces comfortable attire and tasty food. She likes to watch television programmes, especially drama series. Like my father, she should be kept in good mood or else her volcano will explode! Broomsticks, canes and slaps will rain on you!

Here are my sister and me. My sister is studying in TMGS and in Form One. She is cute and like things that are a little boyish. Besides, she likes to take photographs, read "Goosebumps" and blog. She is a little naughty, and sometimes, even jokes! Aiyo, sometimes I can get infuriated easily! She is a terrific money saver and thinks twice before purchasing anything, unlike me! She is quite cheerful, but will become an earthquake when she gets angry! Slap you!

And lastly is the tale about me. I am studying in the same school with her, and in Form Three. I like to surf the net, read, and collect newspaper cuttings. I am quite sensitive and inquisitive, but somehow I love to keep myself busy! If I am happy, everything will be fine but if I gets mad, I can become a volcano, too!

We always work together whenever we face any problems. On top of that, we enjoy our family time together everyday. I love my family! Muackkk...

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