Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Song of the World

When everything begins
It began from dust, and gradually expands
Throughout the years.
And today, how wide it was
With stars dancing around.

There comes the beautiful Milky Way
And among the thousands of galaxies,
Is our wonderful Solar System
Where Mother Earth Belongs.

And look at our Earth
The home of us, the home of the colourful life
The cradle for our generations.
The pretty blue planet,
With the vast blue sky and deep oceans
And the soothing greenery.

But it's a small world after all
In the vast, infinite Universe
So there are us
As tiny as it can be

Look at the clear night sky
I look up there
So beautiful and rare.

Dawn to the coming
And the sky turns pink
And the sun is arriving
To release its shine, to show its glory
With the birds singing, praising the God
For a whole new day.

Here comes the afternoon
Hot as it should be!
But the heat later disappears
At sundown, where the sky is a bright orange
Sometimes in other colours too!

Spring to begin the year, with flowers to welcome
And there comes summer, a season to relax and enjoy
Autumn to come, for the gentle wind and swirling leafs
And finally Winter...Snowy white, cold comfort.

What a picturesque throughout the year
Praise the God, for such bountifulness
And much wonderful treasures,
Waiting to be discovered...

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