Monday, August 24, 2009

Pre-PMR Days...

Only about one month to PMR!!! When I had only studied a little...Now I REALLY had to STOP most of my online activities, especially Pet Society and SuperPoke! Pets in Facebook. My parents have already banned me to do that, but sometimes I did it "curi-curi"...(Bad example! As a naughty teenager...) Sometimes had to do a little sacrifice...although I love them!!! All Form Three girls with the "Great" Holiday Package ( I mentioned about this before...) to get ready for PMR. Remember? 50 straight A's and 100% passes as emphasized by the Principal, Puan Noriza?! Sacrifices are always needed to success, but after you went through the exam, BINGO! Success! That will be much, much better... Good luck!
还剩一个月多就到初中评估考试了!救命!我只读很少书呢。。。。。。现在得限制面子书里的所有活动!父母也生气了。。。。。。迈向成功道路的确得牺牲一点,可是“先苦后甜”, 得来的成功喜悦,将是非笔墨能形容的。初中三的朋友们,记得校长的要求-五十人特优,全部人及格!加油吧!

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  1. lol..
    actually...many pple oso curi2..