Monday, December 2, 2013


Mummy, mummy, I want a cake!
Baby, baby, if you want it, don’t be late.

Get your stuffs lined up,
Flour, sugar, butter, eggs, milk
And some cups.

Butter not softened? Forget about it.
Cups and trays not ready?
Don’t start it!
Oven as cold as winter?
Heat it first or your cake goes helter-skelter!

Sieve your flour, dust is not tasty.
Cream that butter and sugar-
Oh I forget, cut the butter into tiny bits!
Cream until it is as white as snow.

OOPS!!! Mummy, the blender’s gone haywire!
Oh dear, the blender is on fire.
Why blending for long? Daddy’s going to tire
Of my wallet screaming to be filled!

Here, a new blender for you;
If it goes wrong again, you pay for it too!

The buttery stuff is snow-white-
Ma, can I just get ‘em on toast?
Yes if you want to ruin your cake
Or you want to become the witch’s roast!

Add the eggs, one-by-one.
Cream after each egg,
And when all is done,
Add the flour.

Mummy, the bowl blows white smoke!
Free facial whitening treatment,
Cheap and tasty-stupid for not wanting it!
Cream the mixture again but
They are good for taste, bad for your face.

All nice and stiff,
Into the cups it went.
Mummy will pop it into the oven-
You don’t want hand roast, do you?

Mummy, I can hear my tum singing!
Oh, you’ll need some waiting
Before the cake is fit for eating.

Mmm… this smells sweet!
I want to eat it!
Wait, they burn-wait some time
For that tasty and buttery dessert.

This looks too plain for the table,
The fruits should mend at least a little.
Pipe on some cream, top off with fruits and orange peel;
Here’s the dessert, just for you.

Wait, there are ants on the counter!
I am sore all over, who cares about cleaning it?

Sharon Ng Huey Yuek
2 December 2013, 3.35pm

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