Monday, December 2, 2013



A holy month to revere
and recover
from the never-ending grumbles and rumbles
of the daydreamers

This is the time
When the year comes to a curtain call
after all those things that rise and fall.
This is the time
when people begin to ponder
how many resolutions are making wonders?

This is the season
for the great big spring-cleaning
of the old ills, old problems
we get our heads stuck in.

This is the season
To give thanks to God
For blessing us with a fruitful and wonderful year
Showered with rainbows and paved with sunflowers
to give us something to cheer.

Reflecting how good things could have been
Should I discover You earlier
Perhaps, it's a little too late
To change? To recover?

The moment to break through the barricades
Not with guns, knives, death
But with our paper, pens and heads.

He brings us
A wonderful dream
To be made big and tall
or small and puny.

He gives us a frame
for piecing those broken little pieces
into a picture of the future.

He gives us big bags and shovels
to tie the demon in our hearts
and to dig a deep hole
to bury the ashes of fury
deep inside.

This is the moment
Where ideas get brewed
Like old, brewed wine
Or hot and fresh hotcakes.

Resolutions made
Will they get churned beautifully, like butter
Or will they stay rhetoric, playing in our heads
Tying our heartstrings into a yarn ball
Never to be free and open?
We need a change, we know that
in our heads!

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