Friday, December 6, 2013

Lost on My Lonely Way

Large dreams spread,
He began his first step
in developing his niche
and building his empire.

He swam through the fiery oceans,
Dug deep into the dungeons,
Climb onto the clouds
to reach the rainbows.

The glittering papers
clouded his eyes,
He sees the world with
Rose-tinted glasses.

No longer a warm heart
A listening shoulder
A vision of compassion like the Angels
he has.

He walked the path of the minds
not walked by the others,
studded with thorns and
filled with the lalang as tall as the coconut tree.

The words of wisdom and friendship
were aptly thrown into the trashbin.
They were the stumbling blocks
towards reaching the stars, he said.

Soon he came to a crossroad
where his guardian angels took the other route.
Alone, all alone,
but it was the loneliness
which was his pride.

Independence and maturity, he said.

Passion as cold as ice
Towards his job which was just as nice,
yet he saw too far that did he not realize
that he should have thought twice
before speaking something unwise?

There is something
as valuable as gold,
Money cannot buy but he
left it behind.


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