Monday, December 23, 2013



Given a choice and enough stamina, I will NOT nap.

In fact, I will keep myself busying around just to keep myself awake in the afternoon. Dancing, munching on nuts... Only when I see stars or feel as if I am thrown into the Black Hole will I slump my face onto the pillow during the day time. To me, having a siesta is among the worst ways to spend the twenty-four hours in a day because it does little to relax my body and soul, exhausted after a long day in the acrid classroom while forcing myself to literally pry my eyes wide open with toothpicks and back straight so as to shove in as much words as possible into my tiny little brain.

I will always make sure that my faithful cellphone wakes me up after thirty minutes of snoozing, which is less than even satisfactory since I have trouble getting sober quickly after waking up (Yes, even after eight hours of a good, decent night sleep, which is an absolute luxury.) What follows a nap, if ever I have any, is an impending feeling of doom. A drink is needed to wake up, and well you guessed it, MILO. Yes, Milo, or any other sugary drink. I will never understand the reason behind this but no amount of burpees or pails of water can sober me up at an instant, especially during those assignment peak seasons where speed and a thousand-percent increase of focus and brain power are an absolute MUST.

What comes after the excess calorific drinking is an intensified feeling of guilt. Guilty, yes. Why on earth did I put my body through sugar? After all those vigilant portion controls to my meals, which, I can liken them to food rationing to war victims, I ruin it that easily with 3 Milos a day! Yes, after a not-at-all-invigorating nap, a drink is needed, and then an extra hour of exercise to burn that sugar off. Oh crap!

Naps do NOTHING to make me more focused either. Rather, I continue to drift away in dreamland even when my back should be erect and my eyes should be glued to the blaring screen of my laptop, with my fingers dancing animatedly on the keyboard to get those papers done by midnight. It is not after at least an hour of dreaming (and snacking) that I finally find myself in my best form to carry out daily chores. If I nap at home, my naps are followed by severe dips in my energy levels and a humongous biscuit craving. Only after at least three pieces of biscuits and a huge cup of Milo (again?) did I get to pick myself back to work.

What follows that nightmarish nap is a mood crankier than the nastiest witch anyone can see. I can literally see people bashing me up (a hallucination, perhaps?) and I can literally kill anyone who tries to call me or scream at me or something. Well, long sentence short, I want PEACE after waking up from a nap. And that delay means reduced focus, communication with family and friends cut short, and also slowed work progress.

Hence, I would rather someone shouting "Good morning" DIRECTLY to my ears at my sleepiest afternoons. At least the fright factor will keep me perked up for work for at least an hour!
Otherwise, just give me cups and cups of Joes when I am about to doze off. (I know that is terrible for my already sore bones, I KNOW THAT!)

The best solution? Get to bed early and wake up at 6:30am at my latest. I know that I should have been to bed earlier, but no doubt what comes to mind must be spoken at a split second! So, peeps, if I wake up before seven and stand while doing my stuffs for hours during the holidays, I can reassure you that it is a norm. That is how I can stay awake and avoid those unwanted naps, calorific pitfalls and mood swings.

Yes I nap too-only if I am totally worn out for the day and could think of nothing else to save my life!

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