Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Design!

From this...


By right, this design should finish quickly since I mostly just grabbed the materials off my blog, as I need to study and make other materials too. No thanks to the speed of the internet that is slower than a sloth (Mind you, some pages take 3 MINUTES to load okay? My Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are sadly not working too.), I only managed to finish designing now. Sigh.

Let me explain VERY briefly about my new design. I renamed my blog "Milkberry House" because, simply put, I love both milk and berries. They go well together as a nutritious snack and breakfast, plus they taste really good in cakes and biscuits! Besides, I want to remind myself to view things with an open mind as, just like berries, life is both sweet and sour, however we can either turn them into stumbling stones or jumping blocks towards success and a better future. This ultimately depends on how we use it.

Home is the best place for anyone.By calling a house with my beloved family in home, I seek warmth and resurrection. I hope you will feel warm and happy while reading through my rambles as well.

Life is about taking chances too. We need to do the right actions at the right moment. Just like berries and milk, they will rot if left for too long, hence this renders them inedible and even hazardous to the body. We must be able to look for chances and grab them, as chances and opportunities in life wait no man.

If you have noticed, my blog is mainly in PINK now. Why so? Simple, red is the opposite of green, which is used in my other blog. However, red may be too shocking, so I use pink instead. Pink is a sweet and soft colour too! By using contrasting colours, I wish to convey that one can be a person with many sides and multiple skills. People must be taught accordingly and have their talents tapped to unleash the bright colours in them.

Till then, this is about my new design and I hope that you guys will like it! 

P/S: Please click the Starbucks Frap on the right for surprises! It is not an advertisement, don't worry.

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